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Hi guys,

well this is the thing. I started making interviews with sik members a little time ago. Now it wasnít my intention to interview mta-players outside the sik-clan. But after TD Mystic responded on a topic where I keep track of who is next to be interviewed, he said it might be fun to do people outside the SiK clan because he enjoyed reading the interviews. So I started thinking about it. Other sik-members thought it would be a nice idea as well. So here I am, asking if any FOX members would like to be interviewed and then get a topic on the SiK forum.

I might be confusing I try to do my best in English but well sometimes i suck in it  :P if you want to get a idea of what I mean with interviews take a look here:

So if you want to be interviewed reply on the topic the list on the sik site or just down here. But do please tell me your skype otherwise I still canít contact you guys



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Re: Interviews
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i remember once that Honya did these interviews too?
maybe you two can be the "Ultra Awesome Interview Team!!"

or just get some ideas from him :D


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Re: Interviews
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You should make interview with Honya !! :D


Re: Interviews
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If you want me, I am available :P :D