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Red FoXes tournament
« on: October 03, 2016, 07:21:29 pm »
Yesterday was day of celebration, because our dear founder Honya had finally left prison. At least for while. And for this special moment our clan organised own tournament. To this tournament were also invited some players who has some connections to our clan as being our ex-member or just our classic opponent from tought clan wars. There was also few non-active players, who were in our clan at its dawn.

Players were divided to groups with specific number of qualificants to the final for each group. From group "1", where were only FoX racers, were qualified to the final =FoX=Tann and =FoX=Vjakso, from group "2" were qualified =FoX=SkymeX and =FoX=JK, from "DD" group was qualified =FoX=Woozie, from group of "old players" was qualified =FoX=Honya and from "invited players" was qualified IDC.Davy who fought in qualification untill the last round with [SGA]H!J@CK.

In final has every player choice of one map, after 7 rounds there was winner, which was IDC.Davy. Second was =FoX=Tann and third was =FoX=JK.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participation!

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Re: Red FoXes tournament
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It was not a good tournament for my PC. With more and more player influx into the server, it nearly run out of steam in spite of maintaining relatively decent frame rate of 15, but, surprisingly, it did not make me restart the game at all, which is really astonishing :D. Nevertheless, I was having a fine time during the yesterday event, and I am looking forward to more prison passes of yours, Hony.  :D