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I. Personal information:

1. Name: Leszek

2. Age: 15
3. Country of residence (+origin if needed): Poland / Katowice

II. In-game information:

4. MTA Nickname + Other nicknames which you use/have used:, my old nick is turboEzik.^, ZozoleG.^, Squeek.^,

5. Your previous clans + the reason you left them: my old's clan is {J8}, {V8}, V1rus, TC|', RS| , Story, 6ix, and other fake clans, i quit in clan's but team's close or not active :/ <3

6. Servers you're playing on: Only DD ---> North server, RS| server, Turkyie DD, 6ix server, [AZ] server, i have in all CW server rigth. ;)

7. Besides DD, what other gamemodes you are playing : I play sometimes in DM, but a lot of time in DD, i play daily ;)

8. Video of you playing (Optional):

9. Other games you're playing: CS:GO and ETS 2.

10. Contacts:

Skype contact: leszek.wojtas4
Steam contact (optional): --
Origin contact (optional): --
Facebook contact (optional): Private, (When leader say give me fb i give him ;) )
Others: --

11. Skills, In a scale from 1 to 10, being 1 considered as really bad and 10 as perfect, evaluate the following: :

>DD: 9/10
>Shooter: 2/10
>Racing: 3/10
>Scripting (LUA/C++/Others): I bad in this 2/10
>Design: I am mapper = 6/10
>English: Cuz, idk i have not very good english ( 6/10 )
>Others (add them yourself, you know what you're playing): Counter Strike Global Offensive ---> Supreme = 9/10.

12. Motivation letter (tell us why we should take you, why you would be a good addition to our clan, what made you to apply here, what you're doing in life, any stuff of this sort, minimum 5 lines of text):

I would love to get a chance for the clan because I know a lot of people, I like clans that exist for a long time and are not fives, I would like to try something new, I think my skills are good for my Game. I would love to get in and not lose my chance.
It is also worth adding, and I am a very active player and gets along well with others.

Good Luck all! <3
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Kinda friendly player, as far as i know you, you are mature and good player, my opinion is YES, for trial period!
It hurts now. But one day it will be your warm up.


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