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[DD]Join request by Sentro
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I. Personal information

1. Name: Kamil

2. Age: 20
3. Country of residence (+origin if needed): Poland

II. In-game information

4. MTA Nickname + Other nicknames which you use/have used: Sentro, Crash, XGaMeX, KariX

5. Your previous clans + the reason you left them: |3R|, FoX, Ex, Run, eG, PPC, Co1F, RHD, uW, foR, OsD, S1, STF, SRT, AU, KekZ, S8

6. Servers you're playing on: 3R, FFS, others sv DD and cw servers.

7. Besides DD, what other gamemodes you are playing : DM, Race ( sometimes ).

8. Video of you playing (Optional): #Invalid YouTube Link#

9. Other games you're playing: CS:GO, Dead by Daylight, Need for Speed™, Grand Theft Auto V.

10. Contacts: Skype: vxgamexv


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I would like to see 11 and 12 question answers, which you didnt write. ::)
It hurts now. But one day it will be your warm up.