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[Denied]JR HuSky
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1. General

1. Name: Tom

2. Age: 16

3. Nationality: Latvia

4. Contact: skype: doyoueven.stuntbro

2. In-game information

5. Your nickname + old nicknames: HuSky, HsK, UndIne, SP33DY

6. Your previous clans + the reason you left them: -dA-     inactive members

7. Servers you are playing on: Mshost

8. How long have you been playing shooter?, MTA?: 3+ years

9. Video of you playing: dont have any

3. Motivation letter

10. Why should we accept you + why did you choose =FoX=.(minimum 5 lines of text): I have friends who are in =FoX= clan. Iam good player, friendly and trustful. Iam active every day. Since i joined in Miki i always wanted to be in this clan. I want to make this clan activer and more better. Little bit learning DM and OSDM.

11. Something about you: For me English isnt my strongest side of languages. 24/7 listening all types of music. Soon will finish school. Playing video games and party with friends in free time.
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Re: JR HuSky
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If you change this jr, like u wonna write more text in: Something about you and more, it will be good. But for this time NO. Try it next time.  ;)

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