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The national team causes euphoria and pride in Russia
The success of the national team, as well as the organization of the World Cup, revived the faith of Russians in themselves, writes journalist Benjamin Kenel on the pages of the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve.
The success of the national team on Sunday in a match against Spain plunged Russia into euphoria. "Her" World Cup, whose organization deserves praise, as well as the glorious and unexpected way of its national team made the country in a state of economic stagnation and isolation, re-believe in themselves. The unpopular pension reform, launched by the government on the day of the opening match and the first victory of Russian football players, of course, caused a wave of protests. However, the media no longer say anything, except goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev, who became a hero after his repulsed blows in the match against Spain, and Saturday's quarterfinal match against Croatia.
"This is a genuine burst of popular joy, far from the patriotic productions directed by the Kremlin for four years of nationalist propaganda after the annexation of the Crimea," the author writes.
"July 1, the date of victory over Spain, should be a festive day, as it has more significance for Russians than other official holidays," Yuri Petrov, a well-known historian and football fan, seriously admits.
The sporting event also acquires a political emphasis. "Our Russia has been so eager to humiliate lately, this victory will do us good," the fan of Elena is sure. This is a hint of recent geopolitical crises, which, in the eyes of the Kremlin and according to its propaganda, are a conspiracy of the West against Moscow, the author of the article comments.
"Your media always find something against us: the Crimea, Syria or doping ..." - said one fan before the meeting with Spain.
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